Ann Howes

Delightfully Devious Romance

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When I first started writing The Debt, it wasn’t meant to be a sequel to The Marker. It was going to a standalone and it was going to be written solely from my hero’s point of view. It was going to be about a man, who had everything he wanted, but not what he needed to grow as a human. And since I write romance, it was the love of that one woman.

It all started with the photo above. I’d seen it on Facebook and there was something about the intensity in this dude’s face (besides being stinking hot) that wouldn’t let me go. What secret pain was he was hiding behind those sunglasses?

The thing to keep in mind is about my writing process, is my characters tell me the story. I have tried to plot them out, but it never ends up being what I think it should be. Always what they want it to be. So I’ve learned after lots of chewed nails, pulled hair and too many deleted words to stop arguing with them, making them do what I want, and let them lead me on their wild, crazy journeys. It’s a longer process, but for me, far more authentic. As I got to know Zander, and he slowly revealed his past to me, it was much more tragic and complicated than I ever suspected. He was a broken man who couldn’t face who he was, or his past.

So what did he need to make him whole—Terra of course. But she needed to be someone from his world that he related to but at the same time blew his mind. Someone who would override his tendency to not allow himself to feel anything too deep and his ability to keep his distance from women. With her he couldn’t. When tragedy struck, in her grief he saw his own past and it forced him to open that dark chamber in his mind, allow his memories to surface–face his demons and really heal.

I love Terra and Zander so much, and I love them together and I hope you love them and their story as much as I do.

With that, I give you The Debt

~Hugs and kisses…Ann~

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