Ann Howes

Delightfully Devious Romance

The Marker KDP

The Marker:  Book One in The Bridge Series.

Shelley De Luca has a problem. A large, man-sized one in the form of the older brother of her dead high school sweetheart. She owes him a marker and he intends to collect. In the biblical way. Sure, he’s dangerous, a jerk and a player but he’s also gorgeous, sexy and secretly the man of her dreams.

Gianni Cadora is Mafia trying to go legit. When Shelley stumbles back into his life, she comes with bruises, a psycho ex and a spicy attitude he can’t resist. He’s an alpha bad-ass used to getting his way, so why is it so difficult to convince her he’s what she needs?

Perhaps it’s their history or his reputation, but he isn’t above using his marker or a funny, flatulent dog to get what he want. Get your copy here:  The Marker.

The Debt:  Book Two in The Bridge Series

The Debt KDP

Zander Milan’s life is just as he likes it. He has his Harley, his bar, and more women than he can shake a cocktail at—until she drives into his alley in a ridiculous van with a load of attitude and enough problems to start a small war. She disturbs his equilibrium and shatters his boundaries, yet it’s her fiery appeal he can’t stop thinking about.

Still reeling from the betrayal of a backstabbing friend who stole her singing gig and her boyfriend, Terra Miller isn’t inclined to take any man seriously—especially one who exudes pheromones and looks as good as Zander in a motorcycle jacket and a pair of ripped jeans. But a debt owed to the Russian mob compels her to change her mind.

As Terra’s dilemma forces Zander to confront his ghosts and reconcile his past, his reluctance to share his secret life could threaten their new relationship by tearing it completely apart. You can get your copy here:  The Debt

Next up:  The Hunt

The Hunt KDP

Carmine Niccoterra hunts people for a living. The full gamut—from missing innocent victims to the worst of human scum. Having survived Afghanistan, he’s battle hardened and army strong. With women, he keeps it simple and uncommitted. So how did that little redheaded spitfire manage to crawl under his skin, creep into his dreams and complicate his life?

Helen Resnick is on a hunt of her own—for her ex. He disappeared after a violent drive-by shooting along with her cash and a treasured family heirloom. How annoying he’s also the target of that over-the-top hot dude, Carmine—a man she really ought to stay away from but for whatever reason keeps popping up in her life

Problem is, she now has to work with him. But can she trust him, and do their interests align? Will they get what they’re looking for, or is what they discover along the way enough to destroy them? The Hunt

7 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Donamîa Wils says:

    Are you able to contact me. I am currently fighting for my grandson Eli. His brother Kage Lisle passed away on 5th December 2018. His mother and boyfriend are both meth addicts and have two other addicts living with them. They sell drugs from the home and the boyfriend has a history of violence and has beaten Eli recently. This is my grandson’s normal. The child are neglected and live on squalor. I am looking for an investigative journalist or author to write a story re the mess the Australian government have created by paying large amounts for people to have babies. The result is an mass epidemic of drug and alcoholics abusers as well as child abuse and neglect. Kage was always going to die as he had internal problems with respiratory system and constant operations. The fact he lived to a monthigh off 10 yrs is a medical miracle. In the end a blood clot killed him as he went in for a quick operation. Can you advise me on whether it is advisable to bring this to public attention before my grandson becomes another statistic. Arohanui Donamia Wils


    1. annhowes says:

      I’m very sorry for the loss in your family. I unfortunately don’t know anything about the Australian government or the situation you describe over there but I think its always appropriate to bring these kinds of situations to the forefront. Otherwise people are unaware and unable to help. I think your best bet would be to contact a journalist or an author in Australia who already has knowledge of what’s happening. They would be light years ahead of me as far as contacts and knowledge. I wish you the best of luck and if I come across some names of people who know more than me, I will surely pass them on. Much love to you and your grandson.


  2. Lisa Lassen says:

    I purchased The Marker on Amazon I bought the next book The Dept but when you go to read it it is the marker again I have tried to fix it with amazon but I am not getting any help. I would like to read the second book but I don’t know how to get it. I have also bought The Hunt but would like to read them in order. I was hoping you could tell me how I could get it. Thank you


    1. annhowes says:

      Oh my goodness. Let me check into it. I apologize for this issue.


    2. annhowes says:

      Okay, so I went in to check it, it did show the correct book but there were some formatting issues that weren’t there before. I have contacted Amazon and am waiting to hear back from them. Please Keep in mind though, that the first two chapters of The Debt are at the back of The Marker as a free sample. 🙂


  3. Linda Evans says:

    Hi Ann

    I love the Bridge Series

    I was wondering if you had a newsletter-if so could you add me

    All the best
    Linda Evans


    1. annhowes says:

      Hi there

      Thank you so much! That makes me incredibly happy and it keeps me motivated to write more. And yes I do have a newsletter. Keep in mind though I don’t publish one very often but everyone who does sign up gets a free book as a thank you. The link is below and I’m so happy to have you on board.

      Much love, Ann


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