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How The Debt came to be

When I first started writing The Debt, it wasn’t meant to be a sequel to The Marker. It was going to a standalone and it was going to be written solely from my hero’s point of view. It was going to be about a man, who had everything he wanted, […]


Goodreads Reviews

Brenda‘s review May 26, 2018 it was amazing   4.5 stars I really liked this book, even more than I thought I might. It was well- written and plotted, and the storylines were captivating right up to the end. It definitely got my attention from the intriguing opening and I […]

The Fifth

  I guess I might have been a desert-rat in a past life. I  love the heat. At the time of writing this blog I could’ve been inside a cool, air-conditioned room. Instead I sat outside with a big, silly grin on the patio of my little garden view Casita […]

The Marker is Live. Yippee!

What do you get when you have a sassy hairstylist with a psycho ex and Mini full of problems? Toss in a sexy, alpha mafia Harley-riding dude and his smelly but funny and lovable dog?  Well…you’re just gonna have to keep reading to find out. Get your copy here.

Introducing Truman

  One of the starring characters in my debut novel, The Marker is a rescued, overweight, flatulent English bulldog who bears a striking resemblance to Truman Capote.  He falls in love with my main female protagonist, Shelley De Luca. He’s almost as obsessed with her as her psychotic ex boyfriend […]


When I first started this journey of writing a novel, I had to pick a genre.  For me, the choice was clear. Romance, of course. Duh. That’s what I read and enjoy.  But I was somewhat surprised with how difficult writing romance can be.  Writing in general is hard, but […]